Autonomous Service Robot for Business

Promobot V.4 is an autonomous service robot for business, capable of being integrated into the main processes of companies, interacting with people and organizing targeted interaction with visitors – to achieve business goals.

Promobot V.4 is able to implement individual practical application cases. This feature allows the robot to be a flexible solution, perform its tasks most effectively and positively impact the financial performance of the companies.

  • Functions and capabilities of Promobot V.4:
  • Vast neural network linguistic base
  • Accurate face recognition system
  • Multifunctional mechatronics
  • Room navigation system
  • Active multimedia system
  • Open programming environment
  • Full autonomy
  • The robot does not need to be accompanied by a specialist. It moves and talks autonomously, thanks to the systems of movement and communication.
Ease of Use

Due to Promobot’s user-friendly interfaces, the robot’s owner can easily add the necessary phrases and rules to the robot, as well as create new movements, facial expressions, and even dances.

Service and Warranty

The robots have one-year warranty. Customers are provided with free technical support service throughout the life of the robot. Expert help is available 7 days a week 4.

Flexible Terms of Purchasing

The company Promobot has leasing and finance options, which allow you to purchase the robot under comfortable conditions.

Convenience of Communication

The robot is able to adapt to the height of a person it communicates with. This feature makes communication with the robot comfortable for children and adults. The system of microphones allows the robot to recognize the speech of the person it communicates with in the noisiest places.

Audience Demand

People will switch their attention to the robot as they will want to talk and take a picture with it. It creates an additional stream of visitors to the company where it is used. And the quality of communication with the robot increases customers’ loyalty and susceptibility to information, and, as a result, positively affects the financial performance of the company.

What Can Promobot Do?

Dance of Robots

Robotics Center

Testing Speech

Halftime Show

Retail Consultant

Promobot at USA School

Current Promobot Installations

IKEA in city Omsk, Russia

Company Vodafone, Congo

City Perm Russia, Government Office

History Museum, Moscow

Kazakhstan Center for Robotics Technologies

Shopping Mall in City of Novosibirsk, Russia

Sberbank of Russia

Dubai Mall

BWI Airport, USA

Kazakhstan Post Office, city of Astana